Our school is the first to use the hikari method in the USA. The program has two levels (basic and advanced), a pre-term for children who have not yet started their primary school and an optional continuation of mental mathematics – Super mind.  The program is intended for children aged 5 to 12, because it is the lifetime in which the human brain develops most dynamically and during which the largest number of neuronal connections will occur (synapses).   

Our most important task is to develop the part of children’s brains which is responsible for encouraging logical thinking. Our primary tool is the abacus, which helps our students acquire basic mathematical calculations. However, the development of arithmetic skills does not stop here. This is only a basis on which positive change can be achieved in other fields of life, such as general literacy, foreign languages and sports.

What do we do at Marvel Kids?

  • the visual skills of your child improves
  • children develop the ability to concentrate better
  • the photographic memory’s capacity widens
  • language, logic and motor sills reach the highest level
  • children achieve an average of 7.11 points better score on IQ tests

What pre-screening means?

In order to be a pupil at our school, kids must participate in pre-screening. No need to be frightened, the process takes only a few minutes. We test 5-12-year-olds until number 5 and 7-12-years-olds until number 9. This does not mean that children need to know and be able to write down numbers. They just have to learn the basics of using the abacus. If the teacher shows the number of the bullet on the abacus, the child must understand it. For example, if the value of a ball above the line is 5, the child cannot say 1 instead of 5. Of course it’s okay if they make a mistake once or twice, but if it’s more than 3, they won’t be able to go to school in that year. There is no reason to worry if someone fails the test, it does not mean that the child has any problems. Simply, in the given year, they are not ready for our program, but they can try again next year. Pre-screening is free, you do not have to bring any equipment and do not have any obligations. Participation does not mean you have to sign up.

Next open houses:

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