Giving Our Children a Head-Start In Life

Giving our children the gift of a head start in life is priceless and Marvel provides an environment that both nurtures and challenges our students while creating an enjoyable experience for each child.

Numicon, the Oxford Award winning mathematics foundations program, is revolutionary in many ways.

Ages 3-5

Enroll now as spots are limited!!


Enroll now as spots are limited!

Why numicon?

Firstly, Numicon is based on learning through play. The multi-sensory approach used in Numicon allows children the opportunity to not only see numbers, but feel the shapes and colors used to represent the number. At first our students learn to recognize numbers and progress to counting, from counting the relationship between numbers becomes visible, physical and concrete.

Once our students have achieved such comprehension of numbers they see the relationships between numbers; this is huge…sequences and patterns becomes recognizable. Next, addition and subtraction; then, before long, the Numicon program has instilled the foundations of math up to fractions and decimals.


Enroll now as spots are limited!

There is more?

Yes; your four year old will comprehend a notion such as a fraction. Not long ago, fractions were an unimaginable concept now become tangible and concrete figures to our kids. The moment the number becomes a real and concrete an outstanding level of comprehension has taken place within your child’s mind. Logical and analytical thinking skills further develop.
This is wonderful for numerous reasons. One example deals with the unimaginably rapid cognitive brain development. The brain development occurring between the ages of three and five is gigantic and rapid. It is at this time, as we all have heard “kids are like sponges,” oh how accurate that saying holds true. Interestingly, the ability to create and retain memories begins to occur. Numicon, plays into this and establishes a life-long memory of and the the ability to understand math concepts at the best possible time in their young lives.

****Success in math equals success in life. ****
Countless doors open to more than great achievements in academia; a strong and solid foundation in math leads to many enjoyable, challenging and very profitable career opportunities. A few examples include a career in medicine, engineering, science or business to name a few. In addition to outstanding math skills, our students build greater communication skills, socialization skills and lifelong problem solving skills.

Is there a better way to learn than while having fun and not knowing learning is even taking place? I say no; there is no better or more effective way of learning.

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Spaces are limited!