Mental arithmetic

What is mental arithmetic?

Mental arithmetic (jap. Anzan) derived from the traditional Eastern discipline, nowadays a popular and modern educational program is increasingly present in the western part of the world. It was created as a result of many years of work by psychologists, pedagogues and other experts in the field of education, and it is based on the use of the ancient calculating device abacus (jap. Soroban), whose visualization achieves extraordinary fast calculations. Scientific studies have proven that mental calculation represents the best training for the brain.


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What is mental arithmetic?

In addition to providing the ability to improve the child’s mathematical skills, the mental arithmetic program has a positive impact on the development of thinking and encourages a number of skills  and abilities that a child needs in life. It improves the way the child listens, processes and understands information, conceives and creates certain ideas, recognizes details, performs certain actions, and solves problems.

Students of Marvel kids school are especially developing the following skills and abilities:

  • fast calculation
  • exceptional concentration and attention
  • excellent memory and developed reflexes
  • photographic memory
  • analytical and logical thinking
  • developed mental abilities
  • increase of intelligence
  • creativity, imagination and visualization capability
  • developed senses of vision, hearing and contact

To whom the mental arithmetic program is intended?

The program is intended for children aged 6 to 12, because it is the lifetime in which the human brain develops most dynamically and during which the largest number of neuronal connections will occur (synapses). After this period, the opportunities for development are significantly less, and it is extremely important not to let this unique opportunity in the life of the child go away. Enable your child to maximize its intellectual potential and become its better version.

How long does the mental arithmetic program last?

The program has two levels (basic and advanced), a pre-term for children who have not yet started their primary school and an optional continuation of mental mathematics – Super mind. A child goes to an advanced level when he finishes his basic education. Upon completion of the basic and advanced level of mental arithmetic, children have the opportunity to upgrade knowledge though mental math Super mind, which represents the third year of education and lasts 10 months. The basic and advanced level of mental arithmetic lasts for a total of 5 semesters. Regular classes are held twice a week on weekdays or once wholly on Saturdays. The lesson on weekdays takes 75 minutes two times a week, the lesson on Saturday takes 135 minutes. Each student must spend at least 3 school hours a week at school. Individual lessons are held to compensate for missed hours on weekdays or Saturdays, also, working days or Saturdays, additional classes are held for children with potential difficulties, as well as those who are faster  and they are provided with the necessary additional instruction.

Children are divided into age categories. Teaching is organized in smaller groups of 6 to 12 participants. Every child is provided with an individual approach and guaranteed success.