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Mental Arithmetic

Mental arithmetic (jap. Anzan) derived from the traditional Eastern discipline, nowadays a popular and modern educational program is increasingly present in the western part of the world. It was created as a result of many years of work by psychologists, pedagogues and other experts in the field of education, and it is based on the use of the ancient calculating device abacus (jap. Soroban), whose visualization achieves extraordinary fast calculations. Scientific studies have proven that mental calculation represents the best training for the brain.

10 reasons why Marvel Kids is the best choice for your child:

  1. Marvel Kids is the only school in USA that applies the original Japanese mental arithmetic program- HIKARI . The program has a unique and effective method originating from Japan, a country that is a cradle of mental arithmetic.
  2. Thanks to a unique method, our students achieve outstanding results in a short time. After only two months, they are able to count mentally, which is not the case with other programs that do not achieve such results even after years of practicing.
  3. The program is flexible and carefully designed, taking into consideration the individual needs of each child. Learning is practiced in small groups, through fun activities, different games and competitions, where the most important thing is the relaxing and creative atmosphere and positive emotional relationships.
  4. Besides the basic fund of classes (12 a month), every child is given as much as it really needs, so additional classes are available to everyone who needs it. Our goal is that every child achieves its maximum potential, so we provide our children with additional classes (up to 20 hours a month) that we don’t charge.
  5. In our school, students use the original Japanese Soroban – abacus, which is made according to Japanese standards, exclusively from natural materials (beech and bamboo).
  6. Our team consists of professional teachers who successfully passed international training and are certified for mental arithmetic trainers.
  7. The uniqueness and superiority of our program is reflected in the application of innovative technologies. Using modern training web applications, effective support for home work is provided. That way our students can solve home work through the web platform, train their acquired knowledge, or compete with other participants around the world.
  8. Marvel kids is a school of European champions (European Championship in Mental Calculation, Basel, May 9th-12th 2018) and organizer and participant of important international competitions , which enables our students to participate in prestigious world competitions and Olympics in mental arithmetic.
  9. After the successful completion of their education, our students are provided with free training and achievement of the prestigious title of masters of mental arithmetic.
  10. The cognitive effects achieved by the learning of our program do not go unnoticed at the end of their education, but become permanent abilities and skills that our kids geniuses possess throughout their lives.

If you want your child to learn quick calculation and develop skills such as improved attention, memory and concentration, analytical thinking, good memory and strong focus, apply to the Hikari mental arithmetic program.


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