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Marvel Kids is an international educational system designed for the healthy development of the child’s brain. The goals of Marvel Kids are to encourage and develop the intellectual skills and abilities of children from the early age. Following this vision, “Marvel Kids” combines “best from different worlds” by applying the best experiences of the East and the West.

Mental arithmetic (jap. Anzan) derived from the traditional Eastern discipline, nowadays a popular and modern educational program is increasingly present in the western part of the world. This revolutionary program for the development of cognitive abilities of children is very successfully implemented in over 90 international centers Marvel Kids throughout the region (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Switzerland…)

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School of mental calculation

The international school of mental arithmetic Marvel Kids in its teaching applies the original HIKARI光 program of mental arithmetic. The program has a unique method originating from Japan, a country that represents the cradle of this prestigious discipline. It was created as a result of many years of work by psychologists, pedagogues and other experts in the field of education, and it is based on the use of the ancient calculating device abacus (jap. Soroban), whose visualization achieves extraordinary fast calculations. However, quick calculation is not our main goal, but a clear indicator that our students are on the right track in mastering abilities such as clear visualization, focus, concentration, analytics, logical thinking and memory. And ultimately, what we strive for – self-awareness and intelligence that undoubtedly come along with this process.

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